TAMPER EVIDENT LABEL - 1000pcs/carton

Reference: TEL

TAMPER EVIDENT LABEL - 1000pcs/carton

Reference: TEL
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3.78kg per carton

Product Description

  • Tamper Evident Labels are made of high quality adhesives, which are suitable for almost all application surfaces either indoor or outdoor. Different designs and materials meet different needs of security applications. 
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove, these labels are extremely tamper evident and are widely used to detect unauthorized activities by authorities: the police and military, banks, airlines, transporters and all producers and exporters.
  • In addition to the hidden "Void / Open" message, all Tamper Evident Labels have an optional security cut feature on the face of the label, which divides the label into smaller parts when it is removed. 
  • The design of the security cuts makes it impossible to put back the label in place again without evidence. 
  • While Tamper Evident Labels are generally used as a highly visible form of tamper indication, some labels are used as covert seals using UV coating or printing ink as a means of detection and authenticity.

NOTE: For East Malaysia shipment and delivery, kindly contact seller for further assistance.

Special Note

Kindly contact seller should there be a need for special pricing for quantities more than 10,000 pieces per type of seal.

Return Policy

  • Contact Seller for any defect/wrong size/wrong design/wrong color and etc WITHIN 48 HOURS after received the products.
  • No refund given if complaint made later than 48 hours after received the products.
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