Multipurpose Sealer SG52 - 1lit/Can

Reference: MSSG52-1L

Multipurpose Sealer SG52 - 1lit/Can

Reference: MSSG52-1L
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Product Description

  • Masterpav SG52 is a solvent based clear finish which dries fast and imparts gloss, hard, durable, good water resistant, UV stability, and good protection to surface.


  • Gloss finishing
  • Good resistant to fungal, alkali attack, dust collection
  • Resistant to weathering on exposure
  • Good water resistant, washable finish
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good surface protections

Recommended Application

  • Masterpav SG52 is recommended for finish coat on interior and exterior concrete surfaces, slate floor and finishing of precast slabs.
  • It can also be coated on metal, electronic accessories, wood and furniture surfaces.

Instruction for Use

  • SURFACE PREPARATION: Ensure the substrate is clean and dry. Remove any grease by detergent or alkaline etch. Loosely bound particles can be removed by air blower. Any algae, mildew or moss should be removed by Masterpav Fungicidal Wash.


  • Stir well before using. Material may separate during long term storage.


  • Apply using roller or brush. 
  • Allow sealer to dry for 24hours for light traffic and at least 72 hours for heavy vehicle.
  • For maximum protection, two coats of Masterpav SG52 can be applied, wait approximately 1 – 2hours between coats.
  • Please note: Masterpav SG52 is not recommended for heavy traffic area applications and substrates that contain high moisture. Spot test can be conducted to determine the surface which can receive SG52.


  • All statements and recommendations are based on experience we believe to be reliable.
  • The use or application of these products being beyond the control of the seller or manufacturer, neither the seller nor the manufacturer make any warranty expressed or implied, as to results or hazard from its use.
  • The suitability, risk and liability what so ever of a product for any intended use shall be solely up to the user.

Special Note

  • Stored in cool and dry area, away from heat sources, flammable areas.
  • Containers should be sealed and tightly closed and sealed upright.
  • MASTERPAV Sealer has a shelf life of up to 1 years in it's original, sealed, unopened container from the date of production.

Return Policy

  • Contact Seller for any defect/wrong size/wrong design/wrong color and etc WITHIN 48 HOURS after received the products.
  • No refund given if complaint made later than 48 hours after received the products.
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