Aerotex NMA 48% Aqueous (ROW) - 210L/drum


Aerotex NMA 48% Aqueous (ROW) - 210L/drum

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Product Specification

  • Offered as a 48% aqueous solution, is a bifunctional monomer possessing both vinyl and hydroxymethyl groups.
  • Thermoplastic polymers can be formed through the copolymerization of NMA with a variety of vinyl monomers via emulsion, solution, or suspension techniques.
  • The resulting products, having pendant hydroxymethyl groups, are self-crosslinkable under moderate conditions.
  • This mechanism permits the conversion of thermoplastic backbone polymers to thermoset materials at the point of use without the need for an external crosslinker.
  • Conversely, the hydroxymethyl group can first be reacted with a substrate like cellulose and subsequently cross-linked by free radical polymerization.
  • The applications of AEROTEX NMA Monomer 48% - ROW range from adhesives and binders in papermaking, textiles, and non-wovens to a variety of surface coatings and resins for varnishes, films and sizing agents.

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